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Great Results for Bio Fungicide CR-10!
CR-10 Starts Working in 24-48 Hours.

The CEO of CoopeAgri Talks About CR-10





CR-10, Coffee Rust Control Fungicide, Has Many Qualities.  
Yet, let’s narrow it down to the three main ones:


CR-10 Green Fungicide

⇒ It works FASTER than any other fungicide.

Farmers can SEE the CR-10 EFFECT on coffee rust after only 48 hours!

⇒ It works BETTER, so farmers only need 2 to 3 applications.

Farmers told us they sometimes make 4 to 12 applications with other products. This means that with CR-10 they SAVE MONEY on labor!

⇒ It works SAFER for the earth and for the people, because it is 100%BIODEGRADABLE, and NON TOXIC* to the humans and animals.

*at the level of dilution recommended. No pollution into the earth and/or the rivers. CR-10 is eco-friendly and people-friendly!


July/ August 2016, Coffee Rust is hitting Costa Rica again!

ICafé, the Costa Rican Coffee Association has just published its report for coffee growers announcing the rust is back! (See our blog post)
Watch how coffee plants treated with CR-10 respond to the rust attack:


Discover the amazing results of CR-10! 
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Pilot Test Results After 7 Months, Costa Rica  2016

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