Eco-Friendly Solutions with Eco-Friendly People

Jean Ekobo

President, CEO/CFO: Founder of BioNovelus Inc.,

Founder of BioNovelus, Inc. Visionary. Enthusiastic. Driven. Jean created a team with top level

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Michael D. Goodman

Board of Director, Treasurer, Sales Expert

Working with thousands of individual sales professionals and hundreds of recognizable Arizona Companies, Michael Goodman has assisted many companies in breaking sales records.

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Elmer Nij Reyes


Elmer Nij Reyes is BioNovelus’ agronomic engineer, in charge of the field trials in Central America.

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Enrique Calderon

BioNovelus-Costa Rica

Enrique Calderon has been working in the coffee industry for many years. Enrique is on a mission to

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Nathalie Ekobo, MBA, MA

Marketing Director

25+ years as an international Marketing and Sales Manager, and Business Consultant

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Frederick Taylor

BioNovelus’ General Counsel

Fred Taylor has, for over thirty years, practiced law in Arizona, focusing upon service to start-ups

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Gregory W. Vesper

Advisory Board

Greg is a mission-focused leader who converts emerging technologies into successful solutions.

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Peter Mayangi

Advisory Board

Peter is a result-oriented professional who is passionate about investment banking and global business.

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Evan Taylor

Advisory Board

Evan Taylor brings over a decade of experience working on technology and infrastructure projects both internationally and in the U.S.

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