The coffee industry, the second largest commodity market in the world behind oil, is a $175 billion industry. (Source: Tico Times Feb. 2015) As we see the effects of climate change, coffee rust becomes more prevalent in specialty coffee growing regions (Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, and India). Since 2014, the disease is now an epidemic. The governments of Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica have declared a “state of emergency”, as some producers have lost their entire farms to the fungus. And 67 percent of the world’s coffee is grown in the Americas alone.

What is “Coffee Leaf Rust” or “Roya” in Spanish?

Take 5 minutes to watch a great presentation on what the coffee leaf rust is, and its economical impact. Watch this 5 min. video thanks to the “Roya Recovery Project”.

The coffee rust has increased in 2015 mainly due to climate change. In Mexico and Central America coffee yields have dropped in production between 30 to 80%. The economic impact to the coffee industry is over 2.5 billion dollars since 2012 (Source: Cicafé, Feb. 2016), along with over 500,000 jobs lost in Central America, and an increase of illegal immigration to the USA. (Source: Forbes, “Coffee and the Press of Migration,” Aug. 16, 2014).

(FORBES Magazine, Article August 16, 2014)

Damaged Coffee Cherries
Very often toxic pesticides are sprayed.
Healthy Coffee Cherries

What is BioNovelus Solution, CR-10 ?

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of our biodegradable CR-10:

Our product is an eco-friendly biopesticide, biodegradable and safe to use at recommended dilution. NO special protective equipment (such as gloves, mask, goggles, etc.) is needed. Our proven formula kills the coffee rust fungus by being sprayed on the contaminated leaf. It also creates a protective barrier that will prevent (re-)infection. The farmers don’t have to cut down the trees any more!

It also is effective against other fungi, mold, and bacteria.

Other studies have shown that vegetation, and especially coffee and cocoa beans, treated with our unique formula can stay well protected for over a year. This technology will improve profit in the agricultural product trade.

Coffee growers usually lose 10-15% of their production due to the mold, fungus, and bacteria that develop while in storage. Treating the beans with BioNovelus’ CR-10 will remove the problem and drastically increase their shelf life.

Costa Rica Pilot Test

On February 2016, we conducted an extraordinarily successful pilot test of our product, CR-10, in five farms at five different elevations, representing the five different climates in Costa Rica. We tested in partnership with CoopeAgri R.L., a cooperative of 14,000 farmers owning 14,000 hectares plagued by coffee rust taking 50% of their production, an equivalent of $11 million in just one year.

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The coffee industry, the second largest commodity market in the world behind oil, is a $175 billion industry... Read more...
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