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October 2017



BioNovelus’s CR-10 Blooms from Innovation to Market

August 2017

CR-10 Part of the Conversation About the Future of Coffee Growing

BioNovelus CEO Speaks on Agri-Business at Global Chamber Event

July 2017

BioNovelus Shows Successful Trial Results for Crop Protection and Post Havest

BioNovelus Attends First World Coffee Producers Forum

Discovery Workshops Introduce Guatemalans to BioNovelus’ Disruptive Biofungicide CR-10

June 2017

BioNovelus Announces Interim CFO

BioNovelus Announces a New Product for the Disinfectant Industry

May 2017

BioNovelus Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer (…) and Update of Prior Coffee Rust Press Release

April 12, 2017
BioNovelus Reveals New Green Solution For Food Security At International Agricultural Fair

March 14, 2017
BioNovelus Welcomes Internationally Respected Businessman and Innovator to Board of Directors

March 1, 2017
BioNovelus Makes Key Strides in the Fight Against Coffee Rust in Guatemala

December 21, 2016
BioNovelus Focuses on International Sales & Export of CR-10 Biofungicide Subject To Successful Testing & Registration

December 12, 2016
in Coffee & Cocoa International:
Biofungicide Helps Win Battle Against Leaf Rust  




December 8, 2016
BioNovelus Retains Agronomic Engineers for CR-10 Biofungicide Testing, Certification and Product Expansion

November 29, 2016
BioNovelus Inc. Meets Starbucks’ Officer and Agronomic Engineers, and Intrigues World’s Coffee Industry at ‘Sintercafe’s 30th Annual Coffee Industry

November 17, 2016
BioNovelus Inc. Begins Active Solicitation of Marijuana Growers to Test Biofungicide CR-10 for the Prevention of Mold and Fungus on Marijuana Crops

October 5, 2016
Biofungicide CR-10 Keeps Winning Battles Against Coffee Rust In Guatemala And Costa Rica

September 20, 2016
BioNovelus Retains EPA Specialist, And Provides Update on Crop Protection Testing

August 10, 2016
BioNovelus Conference Call Summary and Update on CR-10 Status

August 4, 2016
BioNovelus Updates Central America and Mexico Push, Hosts Conference Call

July 25, 2016
Bio Fungicide CR-10 Has Joined the Coffee Rust Battle in Guatemala

July 6, 2016
CR-10 Successful Pilot Test in Costa Rica Leads to Killing Coffee Rust and Other Fungi in Mexico

June 22, 2016 (in The Costa Rica Star)
Eco-Friendly Coffee Rust Fungicide Being Shipped to Costa Rica

June 17, 2016 (Yahoo! Finance)
BioNovelus,Inc. Moving to Fully Reporting Status with SEC

June 9, 2016
Phoenix BioTech, BioNovelus, To Tour Central America and Mexico This Summer

23 de mayo del 2016 (en The Costa Rica Star)
Ejecutivos de una prometedora firma de biotecnología visitarán Costa Rica (inglés)

23 de mayo del 2016
Ejecutivos de BioNovelus visitarán Costa Rica

11 de mayo del 2016
BioNovelus anuncia nueva junta directiva

6 de mayo del 2016 (en The Costa Rica Star)
Prueba del fungicida de café en Costa Rica crea una oportunidad de inversión (inglés)

5 de mayo del 2016
¡El producto de BioNovelus, el CR-10, se dispone a salvar la industria del café!

27 de marzo 2016 (en The Costa Rica Star)
La pelea en contra de la roya del café continua en Costa Rica (inglés)
Costa Rica Star





January 29, 2016 (in the The Costa Rica Star)
Eco-Friendly Solution to Coffee Rust Could Benefit Costa Rica

Costa Rica Star












October 6, 2015
BioNovelus Breakthrough In Fight Against Coffee Rust


September 1, 2015
New Board of Director and New Executive


August 13, 2015
Jay Pignatello Resignation August 13, 2015


From BioNovelus Inc.
July 23, 2015


From Firstin Wireless Technology Inc.
April 24, 2015


From Firstin Wireless Technology Inc.
April 2015
Amalgamation Agreement With BioNovelus

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