Importance of Using Post-Harvest Technology and Products

The steps or process of handling crops right after harvest is referred to as postharvest management. We should note that the moment a crop is taken from the ground or separated from its mother plant, its spoilage or deterioration begins.

Post-harvest plays a very important role in crop production as it determines the final product’s quality. If the crops turned out to be in good condition after postharvest it can be sold as fresh consumption. On the other hand, if the crops turned out damaged, these would be used as raw ingredients for processed food products.

Post-harvest technologies are combination of techniques and inter-disciplinary science applied to crops after harvest for the purpose of their preservation, quality control, processing, storage and distribution. These technologies will make sure that products will meet the food and nutritional needs of the consumers.

Post-harvest technology improves agricultural production by numerous ways:

1. It prevents post-harvest losses

2. It adds values to agricultural products.The crops along with its nutrients are properly conserved.

3. It supports in the poverty issues of the economy as it generates employment opportunities for the locals.

Investing in effective post-harvest technologies and products guarantees the best possible quality of the products, food safety and the least losses. Say for example, because temperature has a huge impact on the rate of metabolism of the products, lowering the temperature as quickly as possible is the best solution to slower the metabolism of the harvested crops to prolong shelf life.

An additional defense to the deterioration of plants after harvest is choosing safe organic formulas or disinfectants that can protect the produce from harmful microorganisms. It can save you a lot by preventing losses the natural way. Farmers won’t need to apply any other chemical formula just to preserve the crops, as these might pose health risks to consumers.

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