Here are Some Insights on Post-Harvest Losses

Did you know that a third of all produced food for human consumption is lost or wasted?

It is for that reason why it is important even for the smallholder farmers to be
knowledgeable of the necessary steps and latest post harvest products and technologies
to prevent losing large portions of their produce.

We at BioNovelus are proud of our product, the CR-10. It is organic non-toxic, and
biodegradable. It targets microbial cell without harming produce or people because it is
developed from a protein found in the immune system of the plants. CR-10 works with
nature to protect plants from harmful microorganism.

Unlike with other products, bacteria and fungi cannot develop resistance to CR-10. By
using this, packers and exporters don’t need to use more products to protect their
produce all the time. They can reduce waste, extend shelf life and expand to new
markets with this powerful solution.

Keep reading and learn more about some facts you may not know about post harvest

 According to FAO, a whopping 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human
consumption is lost or wasted worldwide every year.

Fruits and vegetables make most of this wastage. In Sub-Saharan Africa, a third
of their total produce are lost after harvest. These crops can be easily damaged
or spoiled while being harvested, packed, stored and transported.

 Proper training and access to post harvest products and technologies have
a huge impact on the safety of food for consumption.

It is common for farmers to get the damaged produce for their consumption
because the high quality ones can be sold at a higher price. If they have access
to trainings and technologies that improve post harvest handling, they can get
more aware of the risks of consuming damaged produce.

 Improving the post harvest handling practices will allow farmers to gain
more profit.

Farmers are able to export more food for consumption while gaining more profit.

This is a win-win solution for both the farmers and the consumers. This has a
positive impact to the economy as well.

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