5 Best Reasons to Invest in Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a system that depends on ecosystem management. In this system, the potential environmental and social impacts are highly considered.

As much as possible, synthetic or chemical measures of crop protection are avoided. Instead of using artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, genetically modified seeds and breeds, additives and preservatives, we make use of site-specific management system that maintain and increase long-term soil fertility, prevent pest infestations and crop diseases.

Nowadays, as consumers begin to be more health conscious, organic food gets more and more appealing. This is why farmers should consider organic farming. It is environmental friendly and more profitable.

Why exactly do we need to invest in organic agriculture?

  1. It cultivates healthy soil. It also aids in making fields less prone to soil erosion.

    If food came from healthy soil, it is safe to say that it is healthy, too. Organic soil may host much more good bacteria than chemically treated soils. Aside from building healthy soil, organic farming also helps combat soil erosions among fields. Erosion could affect the land, food supply and us humans negatively. Through organic agriculture, occurrence of these erosions can be prevented.

  2. It discourages usage of environmentally harmful pesticides and chemicals.

    Chemically treated pesticides pose many environmental issues including soil, air and water contamination that could last up to decades

  3. Organic agriculture fights the effects of global warming.

    Studies show that healthy organic agriculture lowers the levels of carbon dioxide slowing the pace of climate change.

  4. It helps in conservation of water.

    Organic farming helps in keeping our water supplies clean by preventing water pollution. By organic farming, great amount of water is conserved through proper soil management.

  5. Organic farming supports the health of farmers and also the animal health and welfare

    Because organic farmers do not use harmful chemicals in maintaining their farms, they are not exposed to health issues associated with these. Moreover, organic farmers encourage birds and natural predators to habituate nearby as they serve in natural pest control.

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