The Dangers in Using Synthetic Fungicides

Fungicides, along with herbicides and insecticides, are all pesticides used in plant
protection. These fungicides are used to kill fungal pathogens on plants. According to
the American Phytopathological Society, fungi is the leading cause of crop loss

Fungicides can serve many purposes.

 Control plant diseases during the establishment and development of a crop

 Increase productivity of a crop while reducing blemishes.

 Improve shelf life and quality of harvested plants and produce.

However, take note that some fungicides can also pose dangerous risks. Follow this list
and learn what to risk when choosing synthetic fungicides.

1. When these fungicides are used to plants for a long time, fungi species tend to
develop resistance to its chemical composition. This means that using fungicide
can no longer be effective no matter how much we apply on plants targeting
these fungi.

2. Some fungicides cause a toxic effect called phytotoxicity among plants. There
are specific synthetic fungicide for every produce. If not handled carefully, they
could potentially kill plants.

3. Fungicides can also pose dangerous risks to human health. Some fungicides can
irritate skin and eyes while others cause respiratory problems.

4. Synthetic fungicide has a huge impact to the environment. These products are
toxic for aquatic animals when the chemicals run-off the fields. They also pollute
the ground and water.

So what are the alternatives?

The safer alternatives to these synthetic fungicides are organic fungicides. It is best
to find a highly effective fungicide that is also organic.

We at Bionovelus are all proud of our very own amazing product, the CR-10. It is a
non-toxic, organic and healthier solution to combat fungi, bacteria and all plant
diseases. Moreover, CR-10 is developed from a protein found in plants making it
impossible for fungi to develop resistance to it.

We constantly work with farmers to understand their needs. We continually work for
solutions in order to combat the world’s high crop production losses.

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