Plant Disease Management: What You Need to Know About Using Organic Fungicides

Farmers and people in agriculture have been all out into researching for the most effective solution and strategy in reducing the losses caused by plant diseases. After discovering the roots of plant diseases, we have come up to a wide range of measures to control specific plant diseases.

Through years of research we have come to learn how specific plants react to specific species of pathogens. From this, we get to decide which is the best treatment for a certain plant disease.

Today, one of the most popular choices when it comes to plant disease management is by using organic products. People nowadays have become conscious of the environment’s condition and their health as well. They believe that using organic products could keep them and their plants away from harm.

Many farmers choose organic fungicides to prevent plant problems such as rust, mold and dark spots because they are environmentally friendly and at the same time effective in preventing plant diseases from occurring.

Agricultural Plant Management

A strong plant health management strategy must be established in order to maximize the effectiveness of fungicides. While the traditional integrated pest management program focuses on dealing with the pests or pathogens, an effective plant health management strategy will involve identifying the right kinds of plants for a certain area, utilization of plant varieties and the implementation of measures to keep the plants as healthy as possible and avoid plant diseases.

Fungicide Resistance

With extensive use of chemical fungicides for disease control, fungal pathogens develop resistance to fungicides. This is less likely an issue with organic fungicides provided that they are applied correctly.

At BioNovelus, we work with farmers to understand their needs. In the field, we listen to them. We offer the farmers a healthier alternative to combat bacteria, fungi, and the plant diseases that ruin their crops. With our product, we help them in reducing the need to use toxic chemicals as bacteria and fungi develop resistance.

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