What Does it Take to Grow a Healthy Coffee Plant? (Part 2)

In the previous blog we’ve learned the importance of growing coffee plants. As we
continue, we will be learning about the other factors to consider for you to grow a strong
and healthy coffee plant.

Aside from the climatic conditions and the management of coffee plant diseases, here
are other points to consider.


Coffee pests such as the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampel, mostly thrive in
warmer conditions. As a coffee grower you should be able to create an integrated pest
management program to control these pests. Farmers should be trained in handling
this. Also, you will have to use biodegradable insecticides. Additionally, you will have to
implement postharvest techniques to ensure all your coffee berries are free from these
harmful pests.

Here are the Steps in Preventing Agricultural Pests and Diseases


Farmers need to be knowledgeable of what they actually grow. Moreover, they should
know how to grow these seeds to avoid poor development and root problems.



The quality of soil highly determines the quality of any plant. There are two things to
consider in soil management: nutrition and weed management.

Farmers need to test the soil acidity as it links to the amount of hydrogen levels in the
soil. A high concentration of hydrogen blocks the roots from receiving water and
nutrients. The optimal pH level of soil should be around 5 to 5.5.



It is a common knowledge for farmers that there is a limitation in the number of plants
you can grow depending on the area size, climate and soil conditions.

It can also depend on the variety of coffee plants you are sowing. There are smaller and
larger varieties. The smaller the variety is, the more you can plant and vice versa.

You need to also come up with an effective layout or spatial arrangement if you want to
have the maximum number of plants.

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