Get to Know More about the Coffee Plant

Enjoying your cup of coffee? It’s all thanks to the healthy coffee plants cultivated by all
the hardworking coffee farmers worldwide. They know very well to take care of our
precious coffee plants. They use excellent products like CR-10 to protect and produce
more coffee beans so you’ll get to drink it right now.

You know very well that the aromatic brown beverage you are sipping right now comes
from beans but do you even know what kind of beans are they or where do they come
from? Keep on reading to learn more.

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant. The coffee plant is a woody perennial
evergreen dicotyledon belonging to the Rubiaceae family. They can grow very high, so
it can be more accurate to call them coffee trees.

The plant produces white flowers and red berries that contain seeds or what we call
the “coffee beans” from which the beverage is made. Each berry usually has two
seeds. These seeds are extracted from the harvested berries and then roasted to
produce the coffee beverage.

Although there are some 25 species within the Coffea genus, there are actually two
main species coffee that are popular today. One is the Coffea Arabica or the Arabica
coffee which accounts for almost 80 percent of the entire production of coffee around
the world.

The other one is the coffea canephora or the Robusta coffee. It covers almost the
remaining 20 percent of the world’s production of coffee.

If you are to compare one from the other, Robusta coffee beans are more robust than
Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee beans however produce inferior tasting coffee with
higher content of caffeine. In case you didn’t know, these beans are the ones used in
the traditional Italian espresso blends.

On the other hand, Arabica beans are generally considered to produce higher quality
and better tasting coffee. Gourmet coffees are mostly made from Arabica beans.

You now have a little more knowledge about the coffee beans and the coffee plant.
Enjoy your coffee!

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