Plant Diseases and Human Health: Do Sick Plants Make Us Sick Too?

Along with exercise, diet plays the most important part in our health. With this in mind, it is just right to conclude that what we eat would directly impact our health.

In this blog, we will try to answer a question that has probably crossed our minds at some point: Can sick plants affect our health?

The answer to this is that it depends. But in most cases though, what causes plant diseases, namely, fungi, viruses and parasites are very different from what causes diseases in us humans. Basically, this just means that consuming or touching an infected plant won’t necessarily make us sick.

However, it also doesn’t mean that consuming infected plants would be desirable as well. There are some few plant pathogens that can cause diseases both in plants and humans.

One particular pathogen, the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is noted to be one of the most common disease-causing pathogens to plants and humans with weakened immune system, as well. For instance, this pathogen causes weak soft rot to plants such as lettuce. It can also put people with compromised immune systems at risk for infections in the urinary tract, lungs, and wounds.

While it does not pose a grave threat to the health of the general public, being mindful of plant diseases is still important especially in food production. Plant diseases reduce significantly the production and quality of food.

Losses in production make communities become more dependent on imported food affecting the balanced diet, creating health problems.

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