Jean Ekobo

President, CEO/CFO: Founder of BioNovelus Inc.,

Founder of BioNovelus, Inc. Visionary. Enthusiastic. Driven. Jean created a team with top level executives and experts. Accomplished Business Owner and Chef, he has founded four companies. He knows how to choose and lead teams through good and tough times, and his teams like to ‘go the extra mile’ for him. His communication style is straight forward, and shows credibility. In his Wellness and Health Nutrition company, he built successful distribution channels in France, Belgium, Canada and United States. His international sales experience led him to develop the right business model for his green bio science company. Jean won numerous awards over the past 15 years for business management, international sales development, and for activities in the hospitality industry, including the “Exceptional Competency Visa” awarded by the US Homeland Security Administration to High Achievers in their fields. Jean speaks fluent French and English, and Cameroonian dialect. He is currently learning Spanish. He is a member of the Global Chamber of Commerce.


Elmer Nij Reyes


Elmer Nij Reyes is BioNovelus’ agronomic engineer, in charge of the field trials in Central America. Crop protection and Post-harvest protection are his daily focus, and passion.

Enrique Calderon

BioNovelus-Costa Rica
Enrique Calderon has been working in the coffee industry for many years. Enrique is on a mission to bring our organic solution to solve the devastating problem of coffee leaf rust.


Daniel Billon-Lanfray

Europe and Middle East 45 years of experience in the water treatment industry and in the specialty chemical space. Daniel’s expertise ranges from helping Clean Tech companies starting up to get certifications and offer brand new technologies,
to large corporations searching to grow their market shares through acquisitions and new contracts. Daniel is a renowned expert on cooling towers. He has published reference books for engineers in English and French: “Treatment of Water Cooling”with
Jean Claude Berce in 2005 (Springer) , “Le traitement des Eaux de refroidissement” in 2014 (Techniques de l’Ingénieur)


Nathalie Ekobo, MBA, MA

Marketing Director 25+ years as an international Marketing and Sales Manager, and Business Consultant. Nathalie’s extensive experience in multiple industries has been focused on international “on the ground” sales, designing and implementation
of marketing campaigns which resulted in millions for French and American companies. As an International Communication Manager and Corporate Trainer/Speaker, she has done presentations in over 12 countries. Her specialties include: Branding, Social
Media, Integrated Marketing Strategy, Campaign Development and Implementation, and International Sales. Nathalie holds a Masters in Business from the CPEI, an International Business School inside La Sorbonne University, Paris, France, and a Masters
in Russian from La Sorbonne-Paris IV University. She speaks English, French, Russian, some German, and she is currently learning Spanish.


Frederick Taylor

BioNovelus’ General Counsel Fred Taylor has, for over thirty years, practiced law in Arizona, focusing upon service to start-ups and established businesses. His representation has included entity formation, document drafting and review,
business and commercial advice, and commercial litigation.

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