More Videos on Coffee Rust

interesting videos on coffee rust
published on Huffington Post, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, etc.
Click on the link above (or on the picture) and scroll down the webpage… down to the videos.

Watch one, or watch them all… Even though they are from 2014/2015, you will get a better idea on the extend of the problem. The rain season has started later, but the “rust season” is hitting Central America… we surely see new videos soon.



Impressive Video – Coffee Rust in Guatemala

Thanks to Janet Jarman for this short New York Times Video.

Watch Luis Antonio, a coffee bean farmer,
sharing that the spread of the fungus is threatening his livelihood.

It really captures the main reason why we want CR-10 to reach each coffee grower in Central America.

Let’s kill the coffee rust and help restore peace of mind and happy business!


A few farmers start “a new career”, raising chicken for instance. But, it’s not easy to change everything when you have grown coffee from generation to generation. When it’s the only thing you know.And when it is your true passion!