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BioNovelus brings 21st century solutions to Farmers, Food packers, and Food exporters to help protect crops, increase yield, deliver food security, lengthen shelf life of produce, reduce food spoilage, all while being safe for workers and respecting the environment

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The coffee industry, the second largest commodity market in the world behind oil, is a $175 billion industry... Read more...
The population continues to grow and that means more mouths to feed. Globally, we will need to feed another two billion people by 2050. Read more...
Today, one of the main global challenges is how to ensure food security for a world growing population whilst ensuring long-term Read more...

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Agricultural Pest Control Methods

Pest control is the management of a certain species that are defined as pest due to its threats to the health of humans, ecology or the economy. In agriculture, the main goal of pest control is to protect crops by reducing the levels of the attacking of pests. In the protection of crops, there are Read More

Here are Some Insights on Post-Harvest Losses

Did you know that a third of all produced food for human consumption is lost or wasted? It is for that reason why it is important even for the smallholder farmers to be knowledgeable of the necessary steps and latest post harvest products and technologies to prevent losing large portions of their produce. We at Read More

Everything to Know About Rust Plant Disease: Signs & Causes

Have you ever heard of a rust plant disease? What causes it and how to identify it? How does it affect plants and what measures can we do to control it? In this two-part blog, we will be highlighting all of these.